Sunday, December 16, 2012

Poncho. {365 - Day 351}

Sarah Beth and I headed to Park Road Shopping Center this afternoon to do a little Christmas shopping.  Michael's Craft store, Hallmark, and Blackhawk Hardware.  A trifecta of places for a 3 year old to wreak havoc.  I averted danger at Michael's by bargaining with her (ok, blackmailing her) to ride in the cart.  Nonetheless, she still managed to snag items off the shelves as we cruised by and hide them under her poncho.  I had to frisk her before we checked out to make sure we weren't stealing anything. 

Hallmark was tougher.  No carts.  I had to let her pick out a totally random card and carry it around the whole time to keep her hands busy.  It was a Lightning McQueen "Happy 7th Birthday Grandson" card.  When we were ready to check out, I had to explain that we didn't have any grandsons who were seven.  She was skeptical but allowed me to put the card back.

Blackhawk Hardware is smart.  They have free popcorn.  That means one hand holding the bag, other hand shoveling popcorn in the mouth.  Perfect way to occupy a 3 year old, especially one with a newly discovered popcorn obsession.  It even worked later when we went to the toy store.  I held her remaining popcorn while in the store, and when I was ready to leave, I lured her out with it.  Genius.

Day 351 {iPhone + Photoshop}

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  1. Love the outfit - she looks very happy and so cute.