Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sarah Beth, Photographer. {365 - Day 364}

Sarah Beth got a camera for Christmas.  It's a VTech digital camera designed for kids.  Meaning it's got two handles and two viewfinders like binoculars.  Kid friendly controls and it looks like you could toss it across the room without it breaking.  I'm sure that theory will be tested sooner or later.  The great thing about it is it's a real deal camera.  2 megapixel, zoom, memory card, plus a lot of fun kid-centric features.  Sarah Beth was thrilled.  She used to play with our little point and shoot until it bit the dust, so having her own camera is awesome. 

I took her on the greenway today for a photo walk.  We both had our cameras.  She got so into it.  Squatting down to get the right angle.  And I must say, she is actually really good for being only three.  She has an eye for composition.  In fact, I chose her portrait of me as the picture of the day.  It was so much fun sharing my passion with her.  Teaching her how to stop, point and shoot.  How to look for the light and take her time getting the right picture.  She's a natural.

I know I'm biased, but check out her use of the rule of thirds in her composition, the leading lines and the lens flare in the photo below.  She even got my boots in the frame.  All of her images below are right out of the camera, no cropping or editing. I'm a proud Momma!

 Day 364 {VTech Kidzoom taken by Sarah Beth, age 3.5}

 And here she is taking that picture of me.  Cuteness!

Future National Geographic Photographer?  I think so.
 The photographer.
 Her shots.

My favorite picture of hers, I think.  :-)

Eventually she got tired and had to take a break.  And I had to carry a tired photog and her camera back up the greenway to the Target Starbucks to recharge with a hot chocolate.  It was a great day.  And I'll have these photographs to remind me of it forever.

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  1. well, i think i've said this before, but this is my favorite post of the year. i can't get over how good these shots look with such a low pixel count. avery got a vtech tablet with a camera/video camera on it, but the pics look awful on the screen. i might have to dowload them to see if they look better. you must print and frame the one with the tip of her toes in it. wow!!