Friday, December 14, 2012

Bedtime Snack. {365 - Day 349}

Sarah Beth had apparently been begging her Daddy for sushi the entire time I was out of town, so tonight we indulged her and headed over to Rusans.  We ordered a few things for her, including her favorite, miso soup.  She likes to pick all the noodles out.  After that, she didn't really eat much, just pushed some food around with her training chopsticks.  So much for her desperate need for sushi.  Then she started talking about the chocolate "chopsticks" and we realized, the only reason she wanted to go for sushi is because they give her a treat of chocolate covered pretzel-like sticks called Pocky Sticks every time she visits.  I don't think she even opened the package this evening, she just liked holding it in her hand, knowing it was hers. 

Instead of her Pocky Sticks, she satisfied her sweet tooth with a little gingerbread before bedtime tonight, while watching yet another episode of "The Fresh Beat Band."  (Don't ask.)

Day 349 {Canon 5D Mark III}

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