Sunday, December 23, 2012

Downtown (Uptown) {365 - Day 358}

Today I headed downtown (uptown) to take some pictures of my friend Emily and her family.  Fortunately it was a nice day and despite the crowds of people (Panthers game, Nutcracker) we were able to take some nice family photos.  We stood on the corner of Trade and Tryon for a little while and I pointed my camera up to get a picture of the very pointy "official" downtown (uptown) Christmas Tree. We usually take SB downtown (uptown) at least once before Christmas to see the decorations, check out the ice rink on the Green and visit the animatronic singing bear orchestra in Founder's Hall.  It's bizarre and yes, I think a little creepy.  But it's one of those very Charlotte things to do at Christmastime.  They run through the end of the week so maybe we'll make it down there before the bears go into hibernation until next year.

Day 358 {Canon 5D Mark III}

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