Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Santa. {365 - Day 339}

Tonight the Neighborhood Theatre in Noda was showing free Christmas movies for the whole family.  And the special guest was none other than Santa himself!  Last year, Sarah Beth and I went to the mall to check out Santa.  And that's about as far as we got.  She was not interested in sitting on Santa's lap or anywhere close to the bearded stranger.  Can't blame her.  The whole concept is a little weird, to be truthful.  And as a person who is not a fan of mascots or people dressed in costumes, I was not about to push her into her first Santa experience.

Here she is outside the theater, getting psyched up for Santa Claus.

Day 339 {Canon 5D Mark III + Photoshop}

This year, however, she was prepped ahead of time.  Grandma had coached her through a mock-Santa trial, explained how to ask for what she wanted (remote control car) and say thank you Santa.  When she first set eyes on the real deal Santa tonight, however, she was less than enthused, yet curious about the big guy in the red suit.  He sat down for pictures and at first she was not interested in sitting with him for a photo op.  Finally I said I'd go with her, so she agreed.  We sat down next to Santa, and she told him in a very tiny voice "mote control car." 

She managed to almost smile for the camera.  Santa was very sweet and tried to butter her up, but she was aloof.  She did manage to say thank you Santa after pictures.  I was proud of my brave girl.  I bet Santa will get that remote control car for her for sure now.

After Santa, we headed into the theater for Charlie Brown's Christmas.  The theater was packed with families and lots of kids, which made it so much fun to watch and hear lots of giggles punctuating the movie.  Sarah Beth had her first box of popcorn.  She ate the whole box, not sharing with anyone, even her Mommy.  In fact, when Mommy tried to steal a few kernels, she moved her seat then head-butted me to keep me out of the box.  I guess Mommy will get her own box next time.

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