Saturday, December 15, 2012

See the Light. {365 - Day 350}

Something so tragic happened yesterday.  Amid the excitement of the holidays, the best time of year to be a child.  When children wish, hope, dream, believe.  Someone did the unthinkable and wiped out precious innocent lives.  Devastated families, a community, a country.  It is beyond comprehension how a person could gun down 20 sweet beautiful children and 6 adults who gave their lives to protect them.  There are families right now, reeling from loss.  I can't imagine how they go on.  How do you make funeral arrangements for a small life stolen from this world, when yesterday you were buying Christmas gifts for them and listening to them chatter on about Santa while decorating gingerbread houses?  Gifts that will never be opened.  Gingerbread houses no longer at risk of losing candy decorations to small mischievous hands.

I look at my own daughter and my heart breaks for these families.  Tears fall for their loss.  For the senselessness of it all.  We are people who search for meaning, who want reasons and ways to "fix" something so it can't happen again.  But how can there possibly be a reason for such madness, other than madness itself?  If not madness, then pure evil?  And that level of evil cannot even be imagined.  No reason exists that is adequate. 

There is good in this world.  There is love.  There is compassion.  For every tragedy that befalls us, there are people that step in to pick us up.  There is light all around us.  We just have to lift our eyes when the darkness sets in.  There are twenty-six new angels in heaven.  Twenty-six new lights in the sky to guide us tonight.  God bless them and all who have been touched by their lives.

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