Wednesday, July 11, 2012

She is Three. {365 - Day 193}

Sarah Beth turned 3 today.  I am awestruck watching this little baby we created become her own person.  I marvel at her independence as she runs off to play with kids at the park, jumps in the pool for swim lessons, and waves goodbye happily as we leave her with a babysitter.  I savor the moments when she needs me, Even better, when she just wants me to snuggle with as we watch a favorite movie or to play a made-up game or to read storybooks.
Every day she grows and learns and becomes who she is going to be.  I am so honored (and a little terrified) that so much of her will come from me and how I teach her, how I show her to be a happy, strong, smart, kind, compassionate person.  So far, so good I think.  We've definitely got the happy part down for now.

Day 193 {Canon 5D Mark III}

We decorated the living room as a surprise for her birthday, so when she woke up and scampered down the hallway, we heard her say "Oh my goodness!  My party's here!  My party is here!  Come look!  Oh presents!  Oh my goodness!"  Cutest thing ever.  Totally worth nearly breaking our necks taping crepe paper streamers to the ceiling last night.

  In addition to her fabulous tiara and feather boa, we gave her a cool dump truck...
 and a Dinosaur flashlight from Toy Story 3 (her latest movie obsession.)
We had some serious rain this afternoon, but it cleared up so after lunch at her favorite restaurant, Showmars, we headed to the playground.  She found some new friends to play with and had a great time, playing for almost 2 hours before heading to dinner. 

We love you sweet girl.  Happy Birthday!


  1. Beautiful, sweet child - Happy Birthday -Your Mommy and Daddy are the best
    God bless all of you.

  2. I cannot believe she is 3 already, but darn it, she's so good at it! love you guys..... to the moon and back!