Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pool Party! {365 - Day 196}

Today was the big day.  Sarah Beth's 3rd birthday party!  It was her first real party, so the excitement was over the top.  We were fortunate to have so many friends celebrate with us at our backyard "beach." 
Preschoolers + Kiddie Pool + Giant Sandbox = Endless Fun.

Here is SB drenching her pal Avery...

Day 196 {Canon 5D Mark III}

    See how she plays all innocent? 

Birthday Cake!
 Mini-cupcakes are the best.

Party Central.

Yes, she has a chocolate cupcake mustache, but the pretty bokeh in this shot makes me swoon.

Sarah Beth had the time of her life today.  (Yes, I am paraphrasing a song from Dirty Dancing.  Which I'll now have in my head the rest of the evening.   That's ok, I think I'll fall asleep tonight even faster than SB did.  And perhaps dream of Patrick Swayze.)  Happy Birthday Sarah Beth!  We love you party girl!


  1. Best. Day. Ever. It will live in infamy!

  2. Oh Jen, the pic of SB staring off to the right is wonderful... Maybe another canvas pic?!?!