Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daddy is #1. {365 - Day 187}

This morning, Sarah Beth woke up with a fever and was miserable.  She is of the age where you can't just jam medicine down her throat, so we tried to reason with her to take some advil.  Don't try using logic on a sick 3 year old - it's an effort in frustration.  I stayed home with SB while Kurt went off to meet with a client. 

I spent all day coaxing SB to take medicine, which finally worked around 2pm.  I fixed her a multitude of meals in hopes that she'd eat something.  I brought her a zillion drinks and watched not one but TWO whole seasons of "The Fresh Beat Band" on Netflix.  If you know who they are, then you feel my pain.  She finally started perking up around 5:30.  Just in time for Daddy to come home and save the day.  He stopped at Target to pick up some supplies and also brought home a princess dress, a movie, ravioli, chocolate, juice, and the piece du resistance, an old restored kid-sized school desk from the Metrolina Antique show.

Sarah Beth was over the moon.  "Thank you Daddy.  Thank you!"  "Mommy, Daddy brought me a princess dress.  Daddy brought me juice!"  Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.  Where's all the glory for Mommy who made her feel better?  Totally lost somewhere between a princess dress and a bag of M&Ms.  ;-)

Here's Daddy's girl, sitting at her new desk in her princess gown.

Day 187 {iPhone + instagram}

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