Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Parade! {365 - Day 186}

Happy 4th of July!  We braved the heat today to watch the Shriner's Parade downtown.  We in Charlotte are lucky enough to have their international convention here in town, so there are thousands of Shriners here, and based on their parade, they like to have a good time.

There were hundreds of clowns (yikes!), hundreds of little cars, dozens of horses, marching bands, bagpipers, sportscars, steel drum bands, and even flying magic carpets.  And that was only in the first hour.  The entire parade was supposed to last 3 hours, but we had to leave early due to the heat.  I don't know how those Shriners did it in heavy costumes, suits, and full riding gear.  That is dedication.

 Day 186 {Canon 5D Mark III}


We're off to see the fireworks!  Hope everyone had a great Independence Day too!

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