Sunday, July 8, 2012

Deployment. {365 - Day 190}

I don't usually use client images for my 365 project; I try to use photos from my personal life.  But my Operation: Love Reunited pre-deployment session today really touched me and I wanted to share an image that brought tears to my eyes.

Op Love is an organization of photographers who volunteer their time to do photo sessions free of charge for military families facing a deployment. This sweet family of five is saying goodbye to their Daddy for a year.  He leaves for Afghanistan in a few days.  Here is Daddy having a quiet moment with his oldest daughter, Isabella.
Day 190 {Canon 5D Mk III + Photoshop}

I can't even comprehend saying goodbye to my husband for a year, much less having to leave behind my daughter for that long.  The sacrifice these families make is immeasurable.  I hope that these photographs will somehow make the distance seem a little shorter.

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  1. What a sweet angel face- s very powerful picture, I can see why it brought tears to your eyes,it did to mine. I pray that this brave soldier returns to his family soon.