Sunday, July 22, 2012

Indulge. {365 - Day 204}

We love sushi but try not to indulge too often.  Tonight was one of those times when I was really craving some salmon, so off we went to Rusan's for the Salmon Quartet.  That's salmon 4 ways, all delicious. 

Day 204 {Kurt's iPhone (mine was dead) + Photoshop}

Sarah Beth eats the salmon tempura.  She calls it chicken.  I don't care what she calls it, as long as she keeps eating it.  Here food choices used to be vast, now it's starting to narrow down to cereal, crackers, and cheese.  So anytime we can sneak in some fish we are happy.  Even if Daddy had to bribe her with a Moon Pie for dessert.  (Leftover from our Charleston trip - did you know there's a Moon Pie STORE there?  It's fabulous, and I don't even eat Moon Pies.)

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  1. Oh my goodness. I just love sushi. I wish I could eat it every single week : ) This looks yummy!