Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Working Mom. (365 - Day 94}

Remember yesterday how we bought Sarah Beth a chalkboard easel with the intent that she'd entertain herself downstairs while Mommy and Daddy do work in their respective offices?  I thought I'd try out our plan today since I have lots of editing to do.  Chalkboard fun lasted about 10 minutes.  Then, it was this:

Day 94 {Canon Elph + photoshop}

Sitting on Mommy's lap is way more appealing than chalk.  A mid-day snuggle isn't the worst reason in the world to be interrupted.  But Mama's gotta get some stuff done.  On to the next idea...


  1. Im on the verge of quitting my job now even though I dont have a summer position yet. I know you could use some help. ;-)

    1. Yay! SB will be so happy and so will we!