Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ball on Fire. {365 -- Day 120}

Today we went to the Art Walk on the Greenway that runs along Kings Dr.  The city has done a ton of this work creating this lovely space to stroll, the most recent addition being this little park area alongside the Metropolitan complex. 

The centerpiece is this giant silver ball, reminiscent of the Bean in Chicago.  Along one side of the lawn are smaller silver balls on stands.  It is interactive, and you are supposed to push the silver ball contraptions to hear braille being run through a music box.  Love the idea, however, in planning this multi-sensory public art experience, someone forgot that shiny metal gets HOT in the Carolina sunshine.  I touched one of the balls and about burned the skin off my palm.  And it was only about 80 degrees out today.  Just wait 'til Summer and we can cook eggs on those suckers.  Makes for a cool picture though...

Day 120 {Canon 7D + photoshop}

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