Saturday, April 28, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? {365 - Day 119}

Logan!  Oh yeah, and his Mommy and Daddy too.  Don't you love how once you have a child you take second billing?  Fortunately you don't really care either, because you want all the fuss to be about your little pride and joy. 

Logan's Mommy Jessica has been a friend of mine since our swingin' single days when we made it our mission to taste every cocktail on the local martini bar menu.  Now, we spend the evening talking about bottles and diapers and potty training.  It's ok though.  Look at this face!  Way cuter than anyone we ran into at the Martini Bar.  Sarah Beth was smitten too.  She wanted to show Logan all of her toys, and she cried when he left.  Already breaking hearts at only 6 months old!


  1. Aw, did SB really cry? We'll come back and play soon! Thanks for having us over - loved catching up!!

    1. Yes! She said "Where'd Logan go?" and got all upset. She liked making him smile!