Saturday, April 7, 2012

Devil's Courthouse {365 - Day 98}

Today Kurt and I set off for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We intended for Sarah Beth to join us, but when we told her we were leaving she said, "I stay with Grandma."  Ditched by a 2 year old.  Hmmm.  Grandma was thrilled, however.  And we took the opportunity to hit one of the overlooks we haven't been able to hike with Sarah Beth in tow.

The Devil's Courthouse is a peak on the Blue Ridge with a steep hiking trail to the top.  Straight up.  We hoped it would be worth the effort, and it was.

Day 98 {Canon 7D}

I look pretty calm considering I'm not a fan of heights.
The view was amazing.  You can see 4 states from here.

Shortly after we made it to the top, two guys arrived walking SIX beautiful husky dogs.  They were lashed to their belts.  It must have made for an easy hike up the trail, but I would imagine the way down would be a little scary.

The brave hikers.

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  1. how fun!! i am glad those weren't wild dingos!!