Friday, April 20, 2012

Fair. {365 - Day 111}

Sarah Beth went to her first Fair today.  She was impressed by the "world's largest pig" and the "world's smallest pony."  But what captured her attention the most were the rides.  She was rendered speechless by all the sounds and colors and lights. 

Day 111 {iPhone + instagram}

Some of them were obviously too big for her, but she set her sights on the kiddie car ride, and to our surprise, marched right in without us and let some strange fair worker lift her up into the car of her choice. 

The ride started, and she drove, steely-eyed and deadly serious, making a continuous sharp left turn as she rode around in circles.  She did not break a smile or let go of the steering wheel for one moment to wave back to her parents who were cheering like idiots.  That would have broken her concentration, I guess. I wonder if we have a budding NASCAR fan on our hands. 

Awesome Day.

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