Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boots. {365 - Day 116}

Oh boy.  Potty training, take 3.  We are sticking to it this time.  No looking back, it's potty or bust.
Hopefully Sarah Beth will get on board with this program too.  Today was not very promising, although the last accident was in the bathroom, so that was pretty close to the target.

We took a break and headed outside for some fresh air.  Yes, she has no pants on.  With her galoshes.

Day 116 {iPhone + Instagram}

Bonus pic.  File this one under pictures she wishes I never posted on the internet.  She may kill me when she's 18 but how cute is this?  She was feeding Savannah crackers out of the box which is why Savannah looks relatively happy to see her.

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  1. love it!! i have a very similar one of avery and copper dog, just not as awesome in quality!!