Monday, April 2, 2012

Ikea. With a 2 year old. {365 - Day 93}

This afternoon we took a family trip to IKEA.  We were looking for some kid play furniture so we can set up an area for Sarah Beth downstairs in our basement where our offices are.  So we bravely set off for IKEA with our curious little toddler.  We really only needed to visit the kid's area, but if you've been to IKEA, you know that they set up that store so you have to wind your way all the way through the store, unless you're smart and can find the secret passages. 

I think Sarah Beth opened every cabinet, drawer and closet in the store.  She also tried out every.single.chair.  She pretend typed at the prop laptops they have in the office section.  She sat down to "read" several display books (in Swedish.)  I thought we were going to be there forever.  She's never thrown a tantrum in public, but somewhere she learned the art of passive resistance, exhibited by her collapsing down to the floor in a heap when we tried to drag her away to the next section of the store.  Awesome. 

Day 93 {iPhone}

Fortunately, we made it out alive without wrecking any of the lovely display units.  We ended up purchasing an easel with a chalkboard, whiteboard, and roll of paper.  Hopefully that will keep her entertained downstairs while Mommy and Daddy are trying to get a little work done.  And hopefully, our dogs won't eat all the chalk and crayons.


  1. i refer to that move as ANGRY JELLO. Avery may have pulled her aside and shared it with her. You know my love for IKEA. You guys are killing me!!

    1. Thank you for adding "Angry Jello" to my vocabulary. It is the perfect description and I shall use it often!