Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kidding Around. {365 - Day 92}

We seriously upped the cuteness factor in today's photo.  There is nothing cuter than a baby goat.  This little guy is 3 weeks old and totally proves my theory.  But wait, add in a cute little girl for the kid to snuggle with and we are off the charts.

As you can guess by this photo, we had a wonderful day!  We were fortunate enough to be invited to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Stowe Dairy Farms in Gastonia. If you are looking for a local farm to purchase delicious grass fed beef, this is your place.  I have mentioned this beautiful spot in a previous post about the Know Your Farms tour last September.  We fell in love with the farm and with its gracious owners.  We went back in November to buy our Christmas Tree, and returned today for some fun and games and to visit with our friends.

I'll do a special post about our adventures once I go through the zillion photos I took. But for now, this one will do.

Day 92 {Canon 7D + Photoshop}

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