Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wild NIght. {365 - Day 217}

Last night, SB woke up at 11:15.  We were still awake, sitting on the couch watching Gossip Girl on Netflix (don't judge) waiting for our sheets to dry.  I tried to soothe her back to sleep, reading books and singing to no avail.  She was up.  And with Mommy's bed temporarily out of commission, she ended up on the couch with us. 

We finally got the bed made around 12:30, and by then she was ready to party.  Bouncing around the bedroom singing bed time bed time.  She got her hands on Kurt's old stuffed horsey yesterday, so she tucked horsey into my spot and told me to move over.  Hmph.  Once we got all settled in, She wanted to go back to her bed.  Perfect.  This is how it went.

SB: My bed Mommy.
Me:  Great, let's go.  (We move into her room.)
SB:  Too bright turn off the light.  (I turn of the lamp.)
SB:  Too dark Mommy!  Too DARK!  (I turn on the bathroom light.)
Me: Better?
SB: Ok Mommy.  Read a book.
Me:  Ok.  (I recite Good Night Moon which I have memorized) then sing a lullaby.
SB:  No singing Mommy.  Just read.
Me:  Ok then.  (Re-read Good Night Moon twice.)

She drifts off to sleep and I sneak out.  Moments later, she gets out of bed, shuts her door, then stands in the middle of her room crying softly.  What the ? 

Me:  What's wrong baby?
SB:   (Sniffling) Mommy's bed.
Me:  Ok whatever you want let's just get to sleep.

So we crawl back in our bed.  She flops around a while, then says, "my bed Mommy." 
Repeat same scenario two times.  This lasted until 3AM.

I woke up this morning to this:

Day 217 {iPhone}

I guess she finally landed on "Mommy's Bed" in her little switcheroo last night.  We have got to get this kid sleeping through the night in her own bed.  She takes up way too much space.

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  1. I wish I had a solution for you! we suffer the same wrath. I am such a sucker!