Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Swing {365 - Day 220}

A wonderful day in NYC!  We did our video and photo shoot for a fabulous and beautiful new client who I'm convinced will be my new BFF.  She's also a mom like me so she was totally cool with us bringing along our 3 year old for the shoot.  SB was amazingly patient and well-behaved as usual, and we managed to squeeze in some play time in between shooting. 

Here she is swinging at Madison Square Park.  Shortly after this, another kid joined her on the tire swing.  They yelled to go "faster faster faster" and SB was shrieking with glee until slipping through the tire and landing on the padded ground with a kurplunk and a slight bounce.  Oops.  She's a trooper though.  A quick hug and a dusting off and she was back in the game.

 Day 220- {iPhone + photoshop}

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