Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Perspective. {365 - Day 242}

Several people have asked for an update on our sleep saga now that Sarah Beth has a gigantic bed which, we hoped, would keep her in her room, sound asleep all night.  The past few months, she's been visiting us on an almost nightly basis, crawling into our bed and taking up more than her proportionate amount of space, shall we say?  It hasn't gone exactly as planned. She is still waking up and wandering in most nights.

Last night, a friend of mine sent an email about running a 5K in honor of a 7 year old little girl who lost her life to cancer a few months ago.  In the email was a heartbreaking message from the girl's mother about how she and her family were coping with their grief.  I sat at my computer sobbing for these people whom I have never met.  I can't even begin to comprehend what they are going through.  The thought of something happening to my sweet baby girl makes my throat close up and my eyes burn with tears.

Suddenly, my midnight visitor didn't seem like such an intrusion.  What would those parents give to have their sweet child waking them up every night to snuggle with them?  So after tossing and turning in bed for a few minutes, I quietly got up and crawled into her bed.  I held her close and kissed her forehead and thanked God every time she kicked me with those little feet of hers. 

Today, Sarah Beth and I had a fun date.  I wanted to spend the day enjoying her laughter and silliness.  We took the light rail downtown to Imaginon, then had lunch followed by a stroll on the Green.  She walked on every wall on the perimeter of the little park, then stopped to pose in front of the book sculpture.  It was humid and a little rainy but it was the best day ever.  Every day is, when I'm with her.

Day 242 {iPhone + Photoshop}

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  1. well said sister!!! avery was such a tough baby and he cried so much. i remember telling myself and anyone who would listen how thankful i was he had such good lungs that he could cry so much and so loudly. perspective indeed!!