Friday, August 24, 2012

Shadows. {365 - Day 237}

This afternoon I was sitting in our neighbor's backyard watching the kids romp around, and I realized the weather was absolutely perfect.  Not too hot.  A little breezy.  Just lovely.  So we headed home and I told Kurt to quit working, we were going for a walk.

We hit the greenway, SB in her stroller for the most part, so we got a little exercise in too.  Mostly, we just enjoyed the slightest hint of Fall in the air.  We let SB run around one of the fountains, which is where I took this picture of the three of us. 

Day 237 {iPhone +Photoshop}

On the way back, Sarah Beth proclaimed that she was hungry and needed something to eat, directing us to a restaurant we were passing.  Ever the obedient parents, we agreed and had a quick dinner before finishing our walk.  Perfect Friday night.

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