Saturday, August 11, 2012

Twin Lights. {365 - Day 224}

We took a little drive down memory lane today, heading out to Sandy Hook, then driving up to Twin Lights in Highlands.  This was one of my favorite spots growing up.  The view is pretty amazing, but getting to the top was not easy for me. 

Apparently, I have what one may call a phobia of open staircases. You know the kind, you can see right through to the ground below.  Especially bad for me are spiral staircases. Oh, and I'm not a big fan of tight spaces either.  Like lighthouses, for example.  So, overall, this was not a good plan, but I put on a brave face and made it up the steps, trying not to look down at the open stairs below.  After all, I had done this dozens of times as a kid, so it should be a piece of cake, right?  Wrong.

Sarah Beth got a little scared too, so Daddy carried her up to the top.  Lucky her.  The view was lovely, but I was already worried about the trip down.  Down is always worse.  You kind of have to look down to see the steps, and that's when I get panicky and a little dizzy.  I had to force myself down the steps, one by one, with Kurt and Sarah Beth chanting "you can do it Mommy."  Great.  I love that my 3 year old was less scared than I was.  When I got to the bottom, my legs were shaky and I looked at Kurt and said "never again."

Here are my two cheerleaders, on solid ground.

Day 224 {Canon 5D Mark III}

The Twin Lights.  Tower of Doom in the foreground.

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  1. oh it is beautiful. for the record, i feel you totally on this. last year on vacation we took avery up in the lighthouse, and I made a total fool of myself. no only was a terrified for me, I was convinced something horrible was about to happen to avery. i am pretty sure everyone with us hated me that day. i was a mess!