Sunday, August 5, 2012

Road Trip {365 - Day 218}

We set off today on our first real road trip with Sarah Beth.  We are on our way to NYC to do some work plus visit friends and family in NJ.  We planned on stopping halfway.  Thank goodness.  Sarah Beth was pretty great the whole trip, but the last 45 minutes or so were getting dicey.  The drive up 81 is beautiful.  Lots of rolling hills and farmland.  I took this picture at the last rest stop we hit before making it to our hotel.

Day 218 {iPhone + photoshop}

"Endless Caverns" it says on the hill like a West Virginia version of the Hollywood sign.  I love the farmhouse in the distance.

After eating dinner at a slightly greasy but not terrible restaurant within walking distance from the hotel, we took Sarah Beth for a dip in the pool (she was thrilled) and now I'm on my laptop, Kurt's on his laptop, and SB is on her my iPad.  Gotta get our technology fix before getting in the car tomorrow...

P.S.  Does anyone else think it's weird that on Day 218, our hotel room # is 218?  Hmmm...

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  1. ok, this is where you are going. FUN! You should have taken a picture of the door!!! surely you did right??

    edit this post and add that picture!!