Sunday, November 18, 2012

What to Do with Old Band T-Shirts. {365 - Day 323}

Yesterday Sarah Beth got her hands on a baby album that had a picture of her in her favorite t-shirt - a teeny tiny black Motley Crue t-shirt that Kurt's old bandmates gave us as a baby gift soon after she was born.  It is pretty stinkin' cute, if you can even say that about a Motley Crue t-shirt.  We still have the shirt in her dresser even though it is way too small - she would definitely fit in with the other groupies at a concert with her belly showing.  Anyway, she saw the photo and said "I have that t-shirt!" and ran to her dresser to pull it out.  I explained it didn't fit her anymore and she was very disappointed.

This morning she brought up the t-shirt thing again.  Kurt got an idea and disappeared into the garage, returning with one of the probably hundred of his old band's t-shirts stored down there from back in the day when  he was living the rock and roll lifestyle.  This shirt is clearly inappropriate for a 3 year old and she won't be wearing it to her church preschool, but she thought it was awesome.

Day 323 {Canon 5D Mark III}