Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Under Construction. {365 - Day 332}

The other day while in Asheville we stumbled upon some of the Gingerbread houses from the big annual contest at the Grove Park Inn.  Sarah Beth was delighted.  So when I saw a Gingerbread House kit at Trader Joe's today, I jumped all over it. 

I got home and showed her the box.  Open it Mom! Ok.  I was as excited as she was.  I mixed up the batch of frosting  (the last time EVER I beat an egg white stiff with a hand whisk) and we began construction.  The icing was a little sloppy but we managed to get it together.

Day 332 {iPhone}

Sarah Beth had the most fun decorating her house.  She didn't even try to eat the candy...yet.  Now that's dedication to her craft.   Here she is "cooperating" for a picture.  Sort of.

 Cooperation fizzled out quickly.  I am hoping she doesn't wake up at the crack of dawn and slowly sneak decorations off the roof.  I better count the candies before I go to sleep tonight, just in case.

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  1. oh i love it!!! i am glad you mentioned how hard it was to work up that egg white. it took me forever and i finally gave up!!