Thursday, November 22, 2012

iPad Thanksgiving. {365 - Day 327}

What a beautiful day to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Before everyone arrived, I got to spend some time at the park with my best girl.  We had a little picnic, climbed around the playground, and took a walk.  We settled in the middle of a grassy field for a rest.  I put my jacket down and we lay there, eyes closed, with the sun warming our faces and a cool breeze blowing our hair. She rolled towards me and put her arm on my shoulder.  I faced her and smiled.  She stared at me with sparkling blue eyes and put her little hand on my face, leaning in to kiss me on the cheek.  Perfect moment.  Above all things, on this holiday,  I am thankful for her.  Her smile, her giggle, her blue eyed stare.  She is the greatest gift I have ever received.

Later in the afternoon her cousins arrived and she buzzed around them like a happy little bee.  They are very sweet and like to play with her.  Giggles abound.  We are thankful to have our family with us today. We are thankful for those loved ones who could not be with us, but send their love from afar.  We are thankful to have our health.  We are thankful to have too much turkey and enough stuffing for an army.  And yes, we are thankful for iPads that bring us together on the couch and keep us entertained while our big turkey is cooking.

Day 327 {Canon 5D Mark III + photoshop}

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