Friday, November 9, 2012

Suppertime. {365 - Day 314}

Dinner tonight was baked chicken and avocado.  Sarah Beth apparently was not that interested.  It could have something to do with the entire Lara Bar and giant Fruit Squeezie she ate an hour before.  But at any rate, this was how I found her when I returned from closing the blinds, ready to sit down to eat. 

She sat up eventually, gave me about seven inches of the bench to call my own, and had a few bites of chicken before I shuffled her off for bath time.   ("No avocado Mommy, it's yucky."  Avocado has been one of her favorite foods for 3 years.  Except for tonight.  Go figure.)   The upside is that I got her off to bed 45 minutes early, and Kurt went out with a friend, so I have the house all to myself with a glass of wine and a computer to keep me warm.  Peace and quiet.  :-)

Day 314 {iPhone}

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