Sunday, November 11, 2012

Picnic {365 - Day 315}

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day.  Kurt was off with friends all day, leaving us girls up to our own devices.  I decided it would be the perfect day for a picnic.  We packed up the basket and blanket, stopped at Trader Joe's for last minute supplies, made one more stop at the cupcake shop (I want a brown cupcake, Mom) and we were off to Freedom Park.

 Day 315 {Canon 5D Mark III}

Yes, we brought a chicken to our picnic.  Elmo was busy.

Our spread.  Sarah Beth ate the heck out of the hummus with olives and the salami.  She is just like her mother.  Except for the rice cake obsession.  Not sure where that came from.

Balela Salad.  She loves chick peas.

And the grand finale.  Her brown cupcake.  This is what you get when you say to a three year old. "wait don't eat it I need to take a picture."

We brought "Little Bear" along and we snuggled up to read for a while after cupcakes.  It was a perfect day with my best girl.

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  1. so jealous! that looks like a perfect day!!!! you still owe me a trader joe's shopping list. i meant to go yesterday but ran out of steam. Today maybe. It seems criminal that I haven't been yet!!