Monday, November 26, 2012

Junk in the Trunk {365 - Day 331}

We headed home from Grandma's house today.  Sarah Beth wouldn't mind staying there forever.   She loves her Grandma and Grandpa.  But she has preschool tomorrow so home we went.  The weather was lovely so she took a spin in the backyard on her bike.  She has not mastered riding a tricycle yet.  Fortunately, hers has a handle so we can push it from behind. 

Her favorite part of the bike is the "trunk" in the back.  She loves to put collections of random stuff in there, take it out, put it back in.  Sticks, rocks, whatever.  Maybe that's why she hasn't figured out how to ride it yet...she's always sitting behind it playing in the trunk.

Day 330 {Canon 5D Mark III + Photoshop}

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  1. Loved spending time with ya'll - lovely day yesterday too!