Sunday, March 25, 2012

Velodrome {365 - Day 85}

Today's adventures included a drive down to the brand new Velodrome in Rock Hill, SC.  I fully admit I'd have no clue what a velodrome was were it not for my cycling enthusiast husband.  This is how my twisted mind works:  I hear "velodrome" which reminds me of "thunderdome" as in the Mad Max movie.  So all afternoon I've had that Tina Turner song in my head.  You know the one..."We don't need another hero."  Which is now playing in the background on YouTube, assuring that I'll have weird post-apocalyptic dreams tonight.  But I digress...

When we arrived at our destination, I was shocked to see the steep angle of the track.  You're supposed to ride a bike on that?  Yikes.  Hats off to you, guy on the bicycle.  I love to ride but I don't see myself stepping up to that challenge.  I think Kurt was dying to take a spin though.

Day 85 {Canon 7D + Photoshop}

Very cool place.  Races start in May.  We'll be back for sure.

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