Monday, March 19, 2012

Movie. {365 - Day 79}

Today was a special day.  We took Sarah Beth to her very first movie.  We went to the matinee of "The Lorax" at Phillips Place, and she loved it!  First of all, we got tickets, which in and of itself was cool.  She loves any kind of ticket or coupon.  So here she is, proudly holding the tickets.

Day 79 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}

We stepped into the theater to find we were the only ones there.  A private screening!  How cool.  I think SB was a little overwhelmed by the big screen and the loudness, but she plopped down in her seat like an old pro and proceeded to watch the zillion or so previews before the feature presentation.  (I was asking a lot of my little point & shoot to take pictures in the dark, but it did ok with a little post-processing boost. I can live with a little grain to capture this cuteness.)

She sat through the entire movie transfixed.  At the end, I thought she was getting restless, but she just wanted to sit in my lap.  We gave the movie three enthusiastic thumbs up.  (Well, SB would have given it a thumbs up if she weren't sucking it the whole time.)

After the movie, we stopped at pinkberry for a post-movie treat...

We wandered around Phillips Place for a while, then decided we'd just do an early dinner at P.F. Chang's.  We rarely go there but the food was really good and they have a great Gluten-Free menu.  Here's SB cracking open her first fortune.


We passed the theater on the way back to the car, and Sarah Beth started crying because she wanted to see the movie again.  We had to explain that we only see movies one at a time and they'd we'd come back another day.  Her sad little tears were barely dry before she looked like this...

Sound asleep.

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