Friday, March 30, 2012

Larabar {365 - Day 90}

Today was a fun first non-9-to-5 day for Kurt since he hopped off the banking stagecoach yesterday.  We did some work in the morning and then went out for a leisurely lunch.  After that?  The AT&T store for new phones!  Yay.  I had the original iPhone - I think it's officially an antique.  Kurt's wasn't much newer.  So I got the brand new fancy iPhone that talks to you (although  Siri and I are not BFFs yet) and Kurt got an Android something or other. The greatest achievement is that we spent an hour at the store without Sarah Beth tearing up too many displays or breaking expensive demo equipment. 

As a reward for her awesome behavior, we hit the park.  The playground was a little overrun with kids, so we took a stroll around the lake, stopping for a snack.  She LOVES Larabars.  She calls them "lady bars" which we find quite funny.  She will eat a whole one no problem.  This bench is where she will stop every time we visit and ask for a "lady bar."  How can you resist such cuteness?

Day 90 {Canon Elph}

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