Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello St Patrick's Day {365 - Day 77}

I love St. Patrick's Day.  Maybe it's the red hair and the freckles.  Or that fact that my parents used to play Irish Music all week and talk in a fake Irish brogue and serve green eggs and green milk for breakfast every year.  Our tradition is to head downtown to the fabulous Charlotte St. Patrick's Day parade.  My parents joined us and so did Sarah Beth's friend Avery and his parents Ouida and Greg.  Sarah Beth adores Avery and talks about him all the time. Here he is.  Isn't he a cutie pie?  No wonder Sarah Beth has a little crush.

Day 77 {Canon 7D + Photoshop}

Avery is used to having a camera pointed in his direction all the time.  His Mommy is a fabulous photographer.

Avery's Mom gave Sarah Beth a tiny hat.  She wore it  She brought it into the bathtub with her tonight so she could wash it.  She loves to accessorize.

We finished off our wonderful day with home cooked Corned Beef and Cabbage (thanks Trader Joe's!)  Couldn't have been better.  Hope everyone else had a Happy Green Day!


  1. ummm today was the best. Love, love, love the pics. couple of observations:
    1. the first pic is AH-MAZING
    2. my arms are ginormous. i am glad i went with the under long sleeve shirt. ugh
    3. why do i do that thing with my lip when i take a picture? double ugh
    4. i HATE my chin. why does it stick out like that? jay leno are you my father?
    5. kurt is my favorite husband besides greg. if anything ever happens to greg can we become mormons? our relationship (mine and kurt's) can be strictly platonic, i just want him to look after avery the way he does SB
    6. sb's smile is off the charts in this pic. i couldn't love her any more if she was my own.
    7. is that a balloon string in the last pic?
    8. we are coming again next year, early, and i will bring shamrock mylar balloons. i can't wait.
    9. wasn't it the most amazing day for a parade?

    1. 1. Agree!
      2. Disagree. Your arms are normal human size.
      3. You're concentrating.
      4. Your chin is fine.
      5. We could just start our own commune.
      6. We know. That's why you're our backup. :)
      7. Yes. She let it go shortly after this pic and watched it turn into a little dot in the sky.
      8. Can't wait.
      9. Agree!
      10. They love you guys too!

  2. 10. i love your parents too. they are so sweet and cute!