Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pitch a Tent {365 - Day 64}

Before Sarah Beth came along, we used to go camping a few times every summer.  We brought the necessities: a small tent, sleeping bags, food, marshmallows and a bottle of tequila.  Now that we have a new little camper in our family, it was time to upgrade our tent size.  Last year, Kurt went out and bought a "family size" tent, complete with a cozy doggie den.  Fabulous.  We have yet to take it out of the box, but with Spring right around the corner, Kurt thought we should try it out in the backyard today.

It is a Taj Ma-tent.  Luxuriously huge.   It could sleep a small village.  Sarah Beth loves her new "house."  She decided that the doggy den was her own private wing of the tent;  I guess the dogs are out of luck.  I am so excited to try it out this year that I won't even miss that bottle of Cabo Wabo...well, I won't miss it that much.

Day 64 {Canon 7D + Photoshop}


  1. team linkous is in!! ummm, would that be weird? all of us in one tent? greg loves to buy stuff. i am sure we could get one too!!

  2. The Helsport is an option that’s new to us and worthy of mention – and not just because of the cool Norse mythological reference.