Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello Sportsfan. {365 - Day 302}

This afternoon we went to watch our dear friend's son Tyler play soccer.  He and his sister Mia are so sweet to Sarah Beth and she adores the attention she gets from them.  On the way to the game, however, SB took a snooze in the car and upon arrival had no idea what planet she was on, as we rudely awoke her from her slumber.

She spent half of the game slumped against her Momma like this:

Day 302 {Canon 5D Mark III + Photoshop}

But by the end, she had perked up and decided to give this whole soccer thing a go for herself.   She's definitely got some skills.

We need to work on the "no hands" rule, however.  Maybe she'll make a good goalie.

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  1. how fun! your hair is so pretty in a messy braid. unfair.