Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cruisin. {365 - Day 285}

After preschool, Sarah Beth and I headed to Earth Fare to pick up a few things.  Every grocery store has its perks:  Harris Teeter has free cookies and balloons (well, before the helium shortage), Trader Joe's has free samples, and Earth Fare has the cozy coupe shopping carts.  They also have those little kid-size shopping carts that have the big flag announcing "shopper in training" but I try to discourage those since one tiny shopping cart pushed by a 3 year old could wreak utter destruction.  Especially in the wine aisle.

SB hopped in her "ride" and drove around the store, beeping at passersby, and doing a little shopping.  I pass items for her to hold onto while we cruise the aisles, but inevitably, she grabs a few things for herself off the shelves, which I only find out about at checkout.  This time it was a box of Annie's cinnamon graham cracker bunnies. Could have been worse, I suppose.

 Day 284 {iPhone}

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