Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cupcakes and Paper Towels. {365 - Day 305}

Check out this cute little cupcake.  Here she is, in the backyard right before we got in the car to grab dinner and go on her first real trick-or-treating adventure.  We explained how you look for houses with the porch lights on, then knock on the door and say trick or treat, take one piece (that's ONE piece) of candy and be sure to say thank you.  Got it?  Got it. 

After the first few houses, she was a pro.  Although she yelled "Trick or Treatin!" as she knocked on the door instead of waiting until they answered.  She still got the candy despite this deviation from the established routine.  I mean, how could you turn down a cupcake as cute as this?

Day 305 {Canon 5D Mark III}

This morning her preschool held a Halloween Parade right after drop off.  It was insanely cute and all the parents stood around watching and taking pictures, us included.  After I picked her up today, we were home lounging on her bed.  I asked her what her friends wore for Halloween. Here's how it went:  (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)
Me: What was Kate? 
  SB: Kate was a butterfly.
Me: How pretty.  What was David?
  SB: David was Superman.
Me: What was Billy?
  SB: Billy was a paper towel.
ME: A paper what?  Oh......
Billy was the one dressed as a Mummy.

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