Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OpLove: Holly and Rachel

As I mentioned in my previous post,  we endured a hot day at the park to take these OpLove photos as a surprise for Daddy Trevor, an Air Force pilot who will be coming home at the end of November.  Rachel was on a mission to explore every inch of Independence Park, and I think she nearly succeeded!

Holly wanted some photos of Rachel from behind so her Daddy could see how long her hair has gotten.  Well that certainly wasn't a problem.  In fact, most of my pictures looked like this:

But we managed to slow her down for a few close ups too.

This could be my favorite. 

It's a bird, it's a plane!

Halfway through the shoot we went past the waterfall and boy was it calling Rachel's name.  She got a little wet.  Well, soaked actually.  Mommy hadn't planned on that but I think Rachel was quite refreshed.

Next on the agenda...swings!  Notice the wet hair.  :-)

Taking a popcorn break.

The idea was that Rachel would help hold the sign but she preferred to supervise from afar with her kettle corn.

Close up of Holly and her pretty green eyes.

Daddy took Rachel to Build-a-Bear before he was deployed and they made this Tiger for her.  When you squeeze him, there's a recording of Daddy's voice.  She loves her Tiger!  (and her popcorn.)

 Thank you Holly and Rachel for this fun-filled afternoon.  I'll finish processing your photos as soon as I can and get your albums put together.  What a wonderful surprise this will be for Trevor.  Your family is making a such a sacrifice for our country and I am honored to be able to show my support in this way.

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