Monday, September 13, 2010

Margaret and Family

When my friend Jessica asked me to do a photo shoot with her family featuring her grandmother, I was thrilled (#1) because they are a beautiful, fun family and (#2) because I've heard Jessica talk for years about her grandmother Margaret and how much her family adores her.   So we met on Saturday evening just as the rain stopped and the skies cleared.

They picked a great color palette of purple, gray, dark blue and fuchsia.  It's especially hard to coordinate when you've got 4 different households coming together so they get extra props for wardrobe planning!  Here's a sneak peek of our day.  Click on the image for a closer look:

See what I mean - great colors!

Linda and Rick.


 Mother and Daughters.

Jessica and Steve.  
(I love shoe pictures. Go figure)

 Josalyn and Patrick.

 Candid Margaret.

 Pretty Sisters.


 Mother and Daughter.

Thanks to Margaret, Linda, Rick, Jessica, Steve, Josalyn and Patrick for a fun shoot despite the humidity and wet grass.  I'll get your proofs up soon!

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