Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday, Instagramed. {365 - Day 126}

Daddy was busy filming today, so Sarah Beth and I had a girls' day out.  We parked in South End and took the light rail downtown, since she was talking about trains the other day.  We had lunch (pizza!) at Brixx, then walked over to Imaginon, the Children's Library around the block.  On the way there, Sarah Beth played the chimes on the 7th street parking deck.  There are these light sculpture things that, when touched, make a noise and light up.  From back in my single days, I remember the chimes were lots of fun for twenty-somethings stumbling out of bars late at night.  But it brings a whole new level of joy to the toddler bracket.  Whoever thought of that, I thank you.

After playing on the computers at the library, we strolled across the tracks to 7th Street Station to check out the vendors there.  Fresh fish (as in still swimming) were a big crowd pleaser, as was the mini-cupcake from Cloud 9 bakery.

Day 126 {iPhone + Instagram}

All in all, a fabulous day with my girl.  Why it was so hard to get her to sleep tonight is beyond me.  Mommy was exhausted!


  1. i wish we lived in charlotte. you guys do the coolest stuff!

  2. Sarah Beth looks so happy in that last shot - she had a great day we can tell!