Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Room with No View. {365 - Day 143}

This was my view most of the day, as it will be most of the night.  Working hard to finish up proofs for a client.  My "office" is a corner in our big walk-out basement.  Even mid-day, it's a little dark down here -  we've got to improve our lighting.   I had to take a break from the dungeon for a few hours to take Sarah Beth to the playground and run off some energy.  She has been crazed this past week.  Not sure what happened to our easygoing 2 year old, but if this is a preview of SB the 3 year old, we are in for an interesting year.  The whining.  Oh, the whining!  Good thing she's so darn cute.

 Day 143 {iPhone + instagram}

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  1. I thought the 3's were way harder than the 2's! You will have to tell me what you find out : )