Sunday, March 27, 2011


I love all this rain washing away the pollen, but I sure do wish it didn't all come at once.  All.weekend.long.  We had to postpone Miss Georgie's 1st birthday shoot thanks to the lovely weather yesterday.  I'll be ready for you next week, birthday girl!

In the meantime, I had a chance to take some pics of  these cute newborn hats.  I am not a big "prop" kind of girl, but I saw these on Etsy and I could not resist.  Now all I need are two precious newborns to wear them in a photo shoot.  Any takers?  

My daughter is obsessed with hats right now.  Everything goes on her head, bags, napkins, Mommy and Daddy size hats...she love to accessorize.  If she got her hands on these she would surely try to cram her 20 month old head into them.  Probably both at once.  So I'll be keeping them hidden away from my little fashionista.  I wonder if I can order them in toddler size...

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