Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Carol's two beautiful kids, Healey and Hunter.  Healey is starting high school this year, and Hunter is in 5th grade.  Carol is a dear friend and my "Mom Idol" - she is raising two smart, well-adjusted, happy and did I mention beautiful children, all while balancing a successful career and keeping a lovely home.  I should give her husband Davis some credit too. They are both great parents!  Here's a sneak preview of our shoot.  Thanks for such a fun morning Healey and Hunter.  I wish you both great adventures and success this year!



  1. What beautiful children Jen : )
    I love looking up to Moms like that. She sounds awesome!
    Hope they have the best year ever at school : )

  2. Jen you are so sweet - we loved seeing you! New Shoe Rocks! These are FABULOUS! Can't wait to see them all!