Sunday, February 13, 2011

Introducing Miss A.

Yesterday I had the honor of photographing this beautiful baby girl and her equally beautiful family.  Miss A was very alert and ready for her close-up.  Her Mom and Dad could not have been prouder and looked suspiciously well-rested for new could have something to do with two doting Aunts and a loving Grandma visiting for the week.  :-)   I still have lots of images to review but I had to stop myself to get this preview up this afternoon.  Click on the photo to see full size.  I hope you enjoy!

Isn't she gorgeous?  Such beautiful eyes.

 Baby makes three.
 Such a sweet little bundle.  (P.S.  She has the cutest nursery I have ever seen!)
 Baby and friend.

 Tiny hand.

 I love it when parents want a few shots just of themselves. We braved the morning chill to take a few outside.  
I can't resist a picket fence.
 Lots of love for this little one!
 Congratulations on this perfect little blessing. 

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