Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Old Salem: Sneak Peek #1

It was such a pleasure meeting Katie (age 5 1/2)  Maggie (age 3), their parents Kim and Mike, and Grammy Mary.  We spent several hours exploring Old Salem and had lots of fun.  We tried out an old-fashioned water pump.  We peeked in old barns, over fences, and into an authentic old-fashioned outhouse.  We climbed trees.  We even saw a man walking a big goat on a leash.  (Who knew?)  I don't know about the girls, but this photographer was worn out by the end of our adventure. 

Here's sneak peek #1.  I'll have to do a part 2 because there are lots of pictures to go through.  Hope you enjoy!

such sweet girls.

love this one.
and this one too.

Katie demonstrating her posing skills.

Maggie loves her mommy.

happy couple.  proud parents.


 these are some high energy girls!
 Katie and Mom.

This photo quickly turned into a tickle fest.

 Dad and his girls.

Stay tuned for part 2...


  1. Awesome! Thanks Jen ... must be crazy going through so many (sorry), but can't wait for Part 2! :-) ...Kim

  2. What a lovely family! They should get modeling contracts!

  3. umm, these are incredible. how can someone so talented get better with every single click. now i hate every picture i have ever taken. these are FAB!